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CVC Access with Power Injectability

Using an indwelling central line indicated for pressure injection of contrast media negates the need for another type of venous access.This streamlines the scan process and saves crucial time for you and your patients. The Orion II CT CVC™ catheters are power injectable and intended for short-term infusion therapy. 

Available in a variety of sizes and lengths, clinicians have the options necessary to meet the patient’s needs for central vein access to perform bloodletting, fluid monitoring, multiple infusions, injection of contrast media, and necessary extended therapy.


Orion 2 CT CVC
 Features and Benefits

Available in a Variety of Lumen Configurations

Offered in a single, double, and triple lumen.


Soft Flexible Tip

Reduces vessel irritation during insertion.


Reverse Taper Design

Strengthens the external portion of the catheter.


Simple Grip Luers

Easy on gloves and color-coded for multiple treatment options.


One Piece Cannula Construction

No bonds or welds helps to ensure catheter will not break.


CVP Monitoring

ORION II CT CVC™ is indicated for central vein pressure monitoring.


Polyurethane Catheter Construction

Provides radiopacity, durability, and strength.


Maximum Injection Rates

Allows for the injection of contrast media at rates up to 5 ml/sec for CECT scans.



Simple Grip Luers

are easy on gloves and maintain
strength and crack resistance

Low Profile Hub

allows for suture or
sutureless securement

Easy, Legible Identification

on clamps and extensions.
Indicating power 
and maximum pressure


Orion ll CT CVC™ Kit Configurations


Catalogue No. CT CVC Description Guidewire Box
A33-05110 16Ga x 10cm Single Lumen CT CVC Nitinol 5 5
A33-05113 16Ga x 13cm Single Lumen CT CVC Nitinol 5 5
A33-05215 5f x 15cm Dual Lumen CT CVC Nitinol 5 5
A33-05220 5f x 20cm Dual Lumen CT CVC Nitinol 5 5
A33-07215 7f x 15cm Dual Lumen CT CVC Nitinol  5 5
A33-07220 7f x 20cm Dual Lumen CT CVC Nitinol 5 5
A33-07315 7f x 15cm Triple Lumen CT CVC Nitinol 5 5
A33-07320 7f x 2 0cm Triple Lumen CT CVC Nitinol 5 5

Standard Tray Components

Component Quantity Component Quantity
CT CVC Polyurethane Catheter 1 Syringe (10ml) 1
ICU MicroClave 1,2, or 3 Raulerson Syringe (5ml) 1
.035” Guidewire 1 IFU 1
18Ga x 7cm Introducer Needle 1 Removable Suture Wing 2
8Fr x 10cm Dilator 1 Scalpel 1

For ordering information or for questions about Orion II, please contact your Health Line Sales Consultant at (877) 847-4542 or customerservice@hlic.net.