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Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter

health Line1 9fr PICC
Protect blood vessel

Minimize pain from repeated insertions

Administer a safer infusion therapy

Health Line 1.9fr PICC

Health Line offers a 1.9Fr single lumen peripherally inserted catheter for newborn patients. Health Line’s 1.9fr PICC offers the same ease and effectiveness as our popular SynergyTM CT PICC line with for patients with small veins. It is designed with patients in mind: combining safety and comfort.


Catalogue No.           PICC Description                         Introducer                      Box Qty.   Carton Qty.

 A21H-19150  1.9 f X 50cm Single Lumen CT PiCC  2f X OTN Peal-able Introducer  5  2

1.9fr Picc line kit

Standard Tray Components


Component Quantity Component Quantity
IFU 1 Injection Needle 1
Polyurethane 1.9fr Catheter 1 Cloth 1
2fr Peal-able Introducer 1 Drape 1
10cc Luer Lock Syringe 1 Gauze 1
Transparent Dressing 1 Cotton Ball 1
Stainless Steel Tweezers 1    

For ordering information or for questions about the 1.9fr PICC, please contact your Health Line Sales Consultant at (877) 847 -4542 and visit us at