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By: Health Line Sales and Marketing- April 2016

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6 Signs You Shouldn’t Place a PICC Line

Complications from placing PICC lines are common, but if you know exactly when not to place a line, you will significantly reduce infections and complications.

Here are 6 signs you should NOT place a PICC line in your patient.

1. The presence of device related infection, bacteremia, or septicemia is known or suspected.

2. The patient's body size is insufficient to accommodate the size of the implanted device.

3. The patient is known or is suspected to be allergic to materials contained in the device.

4. There has been past irradiation of prospective insertion site.

5. There have been previous episodes of venous thrombosis or vascular surgical procedures at the prospective placement site.

6. There are local tissue factors that may prevent proper device stabilization and/or access.