Effectively Engage Customers: 

By: Health Line Sales and Marketing- July 2016

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Ask the right questions:

•  Are you currently placing catheters? If so what types?

•  How many catheters are you placing in a week/month?

•  What catheter do you currently use (get the brand and part number)?

•  What do you like about the catheter and kit you use?

•  What would you change about your current catheter?

•  Do you insert your catheters over-the-wire?

Bonus Tips:

Get competitive pricing if possible.
If a customer says our price is high, it is usually not!  Have the customer give you a list of the components in the competitor’s kit.  Normally if the competitor has a lower price it is because they have very few components compared to Health Line standard kits. Tell the customer we can quote equivalent kits to the competitor with fewer components.

Sell the customer on complete kits:

• Health Line‘s complete kit prices are a substantially better than a competitor's complete kit price and only minimally higher than the competitor’s basic kits.
• The Health Line kit simply offers a greater value while maintaining equivalent therapy options.