WoCoVA Live! And the Novel Coronavirus

By: Health Line Marketing—August 2020

Health Line was grateful to be a sponsor of WoCoVA’s virtual live event held on June 17 and 18, this year. Vascular Access experts from around the world addressed unforeseen challenges due to COVID-19 and solutions they found to some of these challenges. Here are two of the highlights from the virtual congress.

WoCoVA co-founder, Dr. Mauro Pittiruti, spoke about the significance of wireless ultrasound probes for inserting PICCs and midlines in his talk called “The Golden Age of Wireless”. He strongly believes every healthcare setting must prioritize minimizing contact between employees and patients as well as equipment and patients. He also suggested the use of a wireless ECG for COVID-19 positive patients to reduce the amount of equipment the patients come in contact with.

Dr. Ken Symington, an interventional radiologist from the US, emphasized Pittiruti’s point in minimizing contact. Dr. Symington strongly recommended avoiding chest X-Rays for COVID-19 patients after noticing that some patients received one every single day, and in the US they can cost $260-$460/scan. Dr. Symington brought up that a hemothorax or pneumothorax (common problems in COVID-19 patients) can’t be seen in an X-Ray. Just like Dr. Pittiruti, he suggested using a wireless ultrasound or IC-ECG over an X-Ray whenever possible.
Nearly all of the speakers emphasized the importance of teamwork and the incredible advantage of having a Vascular Access Team. Some COVID-19 patients will have smaller veins or be required to lay in the prone position, making PICC or CICC insertions more difficult, so experts are invaluable. To limit exposure to a COVID-19 positive patient, various speakers stressed the importance of doing anything that can save the team time. Extra sterilization and forgetting equipment were a couple of problems found to increase likelihood of failure and complications.

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