COVID-19 and Vascular Access Devices

Masked Doctors

By: Health Line Marketing—September 2020

While COVID-19 cases rise across America, so does the need for medical devices. The world knows about COVID-19 patients' need for ventilators, but there's a need for so much more. If any of these patients need high-flow infusion therapies or vasopressor drugs, they'll need a PICC, CICC, or FICC. Here's why a PICC might be the best option for a health care professional working with a COVID-19 positive patient:
• The patient can be in a seated or pronated position for a PICC insertion. This is significant because some COVID-19 patients are unable to be in the supine position.
• The health care professional can keep distance from the most COVID-19 sensitive areas of the patient (oral and nasal areas) during insertion.
• No risk of pneumothorax or hemothorax, which could both be fatal in COVID-19 positive patients.

Source: GAVeCeLT "Considerations on the use of vascular access devices in patients with COVID-19 (and some practical recommendations)" April 5, 2020.